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Oct 25, 2022. Home / Vicksburg Mississippi / Education

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Vicksburg, Mississippi

Are you planning to visit Vicksburg, Mississippi anytime soon? Are you looking for the best tourist attractions in the city to have a wholesome holiday experience? We are here to help you.

The city of Vicksburg has got something to offer for everyone. Irrespective of age-groups and preferences, all tourists have a great time at Vicksburg, alongside the river Mississippi.  Though there is an endless list of tourist attractions in Vicksburg, MS, the McRaven House is one of the unique and the best places here. If horror and thrillers excite you, then it is a must-visit place during your visit to Vicksburg.

Located 2.7 miles from Holiday Inn Express & Suites Vicksburg, Mississippi, The McRaven house could be ultimate fun when explored with your friends and family.

Mc Raven House

The McRaven House, which is fondly known as the “Time Capsule of the South” was first opened to the public in 1962. This house is found to have been built across three different time periods. Today, the McRaven house is filled with top-quality antiques that have been classics of their respective periods. The surprising death of Mr. Andrew Glass who built and lived in the location, has become the start of McRaven’s haunting.

This location offers various tours to the visitors around McRaven’s house.  Here are the top picks:

1. The Haunted Tour
This tour lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes. During this tour, the visitors get to know ghost stories of a pioneer pirate, the death of a young bride, the siege of Vicksburg, and the strange ways of our spinster sisters. These ghost stories have earned McRaven House the title of being “Mississippi’s Most Haunted House”.

2. The History Tour
This 45-mintue tour around the house explains to the visitors the history of the house, the families, their time periods and the different antiques that are present in the house.

3. Private Ghost Investigations
The McRaven house gives the tourist exclusive access to the “Mississippi’s Most Haunted House” to hold Ghost investigations. Ghost investigations with your friends and family could be an iconic experience. Visit the McRaven House Website and check their Events column to find out the schedule for the upcoming Private Ghost Investigations. Have fun investigating the historic haunted house in Vicksburg, MS, at the McRaven House.

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