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Traverse The Historical Gems– Holiday Inn Express

Vicksburg, Mississippi, a city steeped in historical and cultural significance, boasts many attractions and activities to enchant its visitors. Regarding a cozy room booking option, Holiday Inn Express, one of the best hotel booking in Vicksburg, MS shines as a premier option. Tucked away on the picturesque bluffs overlooking the mighty Mississippi River, our delightful hotel is an exceptional hub for exploring Vicksburg's treasures.  

Vicksburg – Stats 

The study states that during the fiscal year 2021, an estimated 1.836 million individuals traveled to Vicksburg. Of them, 408,200 visited the Vicksburg National Military Park, 73,000 visited the city's museums, and 30,022 stopped by the bureau's Visitor Information Center. 1,278 of the 1.8 million tourists that stopped in Vicksburg were from outside the country. 

Quick Overview Of Top Attractions 

Attraction Name 


Vicksburg National Military Park 

Learn about Civil War history 

Old Court House Museum 

Explore Vicksburg's rich history 

Catfish Row Art Park 

Admire public art and relax by the river 

Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum 

Discovery of the history of Coca-Cola 

Southern Cultural Heritage Complex 

Explore African American history 

U.S.S. Cairo Gunboat & Museum 

See a preserved Civil gunboat 

McRaven Tour Home 

Tour a historic and allegedly haunted home 

Lower Mississippi River Museum 

Learn about the Mississippi River 

Outlets At Vicksburg 

Shop for great deals and souvenirs 

1. Vicksburg National Military Park  

Battlefield Exploration 

Walk, bike, or drive through the historic site 

Visitor Center 

Interactive exhibits and information 

The Vicksburg Campaign 

Detailed Civil War history and artifacts 

Should you harbor an appetite for exploring Vicksburg's storied past, visiting the Vicksburg National Military Park becomes an indispensable endeavor. Situated a few miles from the Holiday Inn Express, this hallowed park pays homage to the Civil War and the pivotal Battle of Vicksburg. A wealth of engaging activities and enlightening educational experiences await within its confines.  

2. Old Court House Museum  

Historic Courthouse 

Explore the beautifully restored courthouse 

Special Exhibitions 

Rotating exhibits add variety to the museum 

The Old Court House Museum, an abundant source of Vicksburg's history, is a veritable treasure chest of information. Nestled within the lovingly restored historic courthouse, this museum grants visitors a captivating portal to days gone by. The diverse exhibits and artifacts here ensure an immersive and multifaceted journey.  

3. Catfish Row Art Park  

Relax by the River 

Enjoy a peaceful setting with river views 

Catfish Row Art Park stands as an exceptional, tranquil outdoor setting. This picturesque park provides a perfect sanctuary for unwinding, taking in the breathtaking vistas of the Mississippi River, and becoming enveloped in a lively artistic atmosphere.  

4. Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum  

Historic Home Tour 

Explore the beautifully preserved Biedenharn home 

Soda Fountain Experience 

Enjoy classic Coca-Cola drinks and treats 

If you are fascinated with Coca-Cola and the enigmatic narrative surrounding its inception, a visit to the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum becomes a non-negotiable experience. This distinctive attraction invites you on an absorbing expedition through the origins of the globally acclaimed beverage.  

5. Southern Cultural Heritage Complex  

Art and Exhibits 

Rotating displays featuring local artists 

Live Performances 

Enjoy live music and cultural events 

Workshops and Classes 

Participate in hands-on cultural activities 

A thriving center for learning about and appreciating African-American history and culture is the Southern Cultural Heritage Complex.   

6. U.S.S. Cairo Gunboat & Museum  

River Walk 

Stroll along the scenic Yazoo River 

Gunboat History 

Learn about the role of gunboats in the Civil War 

U.S.S. Cairo Gunboat & Museum presents an exclusive chance to journey back in time and investigate a meticulously restored Civil War gunboat. The U.S.S. Cairo, a pivotal Union ironclad gunboat during the Civil War, played a paramount role, and the museum is wholeheartedly committed to upholding its historical legacy.  

7. McRaven Tour Home 

Allegedly Haunted 

Discover ghost stories and legends 

Gardens and Grounds 

Stroll through beautiful gardens 

McRaven Tour Home proves to be an enthralling destination. This 19th-century historical residence has garnered a reputation as one of Mississippi's most renowned haunted locales. The zenith of your visit promises to be the guided tour of the McRaven House, an expedition during which you'll traverse the impeccably preserved interiors and be regaled with tales of its ghostly folklore and legends.  

8. Lower Mississippi River Museum  

Interactive Exhibits 

Engaging displays for all ages 

Education Programs 

Informative programs and events 

Lower Mississippi River Museum emerges as an extraordinary locale for individuals intrigued by the ecology and historical tapestry of the Mississippi River. This captivating museum gives an exhaustive delve into the river's pivotal role within the region. A prominent attribute of the museum is its hands-on exhibits, designed to foster interactivity and learning. 

9. Outlets At Vicksburg  

Variety of Brands 

Find deals on popular brands and products 

Dining and Entertainment 

Enjoy dining and entertainment options 

Outlets at Vicksburg provide an exceptional retail experience for those seeking a gratifying shopping expedition. This shopping haven boasts an assortment of stores, rendering it the perfect locale for discovering remarkable bargains on apparel, accessories, and other items.  

Holiday Inn Express – Gateway To Historic Vicksburg

Holiday Inn Express Vicksburg stands as a premier choice for book hotel rooms in Vicksburg, MS. Our hotel boasts comprehensive amenities for corporate travelers and those seeking leisure. Nestled adjacent to renowned historical landmarks such as the Vicksburg National Military Park, it is the perfect launchpad for individuals keen on delving deeper into the area's captivating history. 


  • Spacious, well-appointed guest rooms 
  • Complimentary hot breakfast 
  • Fitness Center 
  • Business Center 
  • High Speed Wi-Fi 
  • Meeting Rooms 
  • Parking 

Summing It Up  

Holiday Inn Express, one of the best hotels in Vicksburg, MS, extends beyond providing comfort and convenience. Vicksburg caters to diverse interests, accommodating history enthusiasts, art lovers, and adventure seekers alike. Whether you're eager to delve into Civil War history at the Vicksburg National Military Park or the city's vibrant historical tapestry at the Old Court House Museum, this destination provides something for everyone. For the best group travel room booking option in Vicksburg, choose Holiday Inn as your accommodation for a delightful experience.  

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